Call for Book Chapter Proposals

A Communicative Perspective on the Military: Messages, Strategies, Meanings

We invite chapter proposals for an edited volume featuring previously unpublished reports of original research on communication and the military. We are interested in proposals featuring contemporary research examining any aspect of the following three topics: 

  • Communication in the military family
  • The military in the media
  • Rhetoric surrounding the military 

Each of the three topics above will constitute a section of the final collection that discipline experts Katheryn Maguire (Wayne State University), Roger Stahl (University of Georgia) and Gordon Mitchell (University of Pittsburgh) will introduce with overarching and integrative literature reviews that offer directions for the field. We invite studies using any established research method (qualitative and/or quantitative). Manuscripts written from all theoretical orientations are welcome. We welcome proposals addressing military concerns related to any country and/or culture. 

Chapter Proposal Guidelines:

1. An extended abstract of 1-3 pages that describes (a) the research and (b) achieves the following purposes:

  • Identify the specific aspect of military and communication your chapter will examine.
  • Provide a summary or outline of your proposed chapter. Within that summary, please include the following elements:
    • Indicate the theory or theories tested or upon which the research is based. 
    • Identify and describe the study’s research methodology. If it is not obvious, describe how and why the selected methodology was appropriate for the study and/or appropriately employed.
    • Acknowledge the inclusion of a brief (one to three paragraphs) “Best Practices” section that describes how communicators might best translate the study’s findings into practice

2. Provide a preliminary bibliography of sources that will be used in the chapter.

3. Your proposal should be accompanied by a published essay you authored, ideally on the subject matter discussed in the chapter proposal. If you are selecting among multiple essays you have published, please send an essay for which you are the lead or sole author.

4. Please provide an up-to-date vita that lists of your publications.

5. Complete proposals (parts 1-4 specified above) are due on or before midnight February 22, 2013. We will select among the proposals and notify submitters of our decisions by March 11, 2013. Completed chapters will be due June 17, 2013.

6. Submissions should be electronic and sent simultaneously to BOTH coeditors <>.

We welcome your questions and inquiries about the edited volume or chapter proposals. Please address your concerns to the editors:

Erin Sahlstein, Ph.D., Dept. of Communication Studies, University of Nevada, Las Vegas,, Telephone: 702-895-3640. 

Lynne M. Webb, Ph.D., Dept. of Communication, University of Arkansas,, Telephone: 479-575-5956. 

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