The Communication of Jealousy by Dr. Jennifer Bevan

I would like to announce that my new book The Communication of Jealousy is now available. Published by Peter Lang, The Communication of Jealousy is informed by a wide variety of academic disciplines, offers a unique interpersonal communication approach to the study of jealousy, and examines, integrates, and informs research on jealousy experience and expression.

The book's integration and interpretation of academic jealousy research is through a jealousy expression lens, meaning that the focus will be particularly (but not exclusively) on jealousy research that includes a behavioral or interpersonal communicative component drawn from a number of academic disciplines as diverse as communication, social and clinical psychology, sociology, criminology, forensic anthropology, and the biological sciences.

To date, no academic book has considered jealousy primarily from an interpersonal communication perspective and in doing so will effectively connect jealousy research from related academic disciplines as well as develop a theory that advances the state of jealousy expression research.

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