Call for Papers Sex Roles - Gender and the Transition to Parenthood

Special Issue: Gender and the Transition to Parenthood
Guest Editors: Kristin D. Mickelson (Arizona State University) and Susanne N. Biehle (DePauw University)
Sex Roles: A Journal of Research invites manuscripts for a Special Issue on “Gender and the Transition to Parenthood”

The transition to parenthood is an exciting and challenging time for new parents.  This transition is characterized by adjustment to new experiences, changes in relationship expectations, as well as potential for self-expansion, relationship enhancement, and conflict. Academic literature has been filled with articles on how women cope with the transition to parenthood from a variety of perspectives, including a feminist perspective. However, much of this literature is dated and cannot account for how today’s gender roles in society (particularly those of fathers) may influence the transition to parenthood.  For instance, the overwhelming majority of research on postpartum depression focuses solely on mothers.  In a 2004 review, Goodman was only able to identify 20 research studies that included paternal postpartum depression.  Given the dynamic nature of gender roles today and the increasing number of homosexual couples having children, research is needed on how gender and gender roles impact the transition to parenthood.

We invite manuscripts that address how men and/or women adjust to the transition to parenthood. Topics might include how gender roles influence relationship processes during the transition; how race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and/or extended family relations impact the transition similarly or differently for men and women; the transition to parenthood for LGBT samples (with or without comparison to heterosexual samples); transitioning to parenthood for single parents vs. couples; how media impacts the transition to parenthood for men and women; and, the role of work and societal institutions/policies on the transition.  Ultimately, papers should address how gender roles inform the nature and context of the transition to parenthood.

Authors who plan to submit manuscripts are asked to do so by April 15, 2015 for guaranteed consideration for the special issue. Later submissions may also be considered. Original empirical work is preferred; review papers will be considered. Authors submitting qualitative investigations should consult the guidelines for publishing such work in the journal before doing so ( Manuscripts should be between 25 and 40 pages, double-spaced (including title page, abstract, tables, figures and references). All manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the editorial guidelines of Sex Roles ( and should be submitted via the online submission site ( Please select the article type “Sp. Iss. – Gender and the Transition to Parenthood” from the drop down menu, and indicate in the notes to the editorial office that the paper is to be considered as a contribution to the special issue “Gender and the Transition to Parenthood.” All papers will be peer reviewed. For further inquiries, please contact Kristin D. Mickelson at or Susanne N. Biehle at

Goodman, J. H. (2004). Paternal postpartum depression, its relationship to maternal postpartum depression, and implications for family health. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 45, 26–35. doi:10.1046/j.1365-2648.2003.02857.x

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