IARR invites letters of intent to host conferences

IARR invites letters of intent to host a regional or thematic mini-conference to be held in 2017 or the organization’s main conference in 2018. Letters of intent are due in May 2015, and you can contact Sean Horan (SeanMHoran@gmail.com) with questions. Applicants are in charge of both local arrangements and developing the program, although these tasks could be divided among different individuals. In addition, assistance could be obtained from IARR members in nearby universities and related departments. Hosting a conference provides excellent international exposure for your Department, international visibility for the planners, and opportunities to work with relationship researchers from all over the world. Likewise, it offers a unique service experience and exposure for graduate students who may help faculty members plan the conference. Questions should be directed to Sean Horan of Texas State University, Chair of IARR’s Future Conference Committee (SeanMHoran@gmail.com). Click here for the 2017 mini-conference call for hosting, and click here for the 2018 main conference call for hosting.

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