Graduate Program at the CUNY Graduate Center

Dear all, If you have students who are interested in applying to graduate school to study close relationships, please alert them to the graduate program in Basic and Applied Social Psychology (BASP) at the CUNY Graduate Center. We have several faculty who study relationships and are interested in taking on graduate students. We would love to see applications from your best and brightest! Please see below for program information. All best, Cheryl

PhD in Basic and Applied Social Psychology at the CUNY Graduate Center

The Basic and Applied Social Psychology (BASP) PhD Program trains and supports rigorous, creative researchers who are well-versed in the traditional canon of social psychology and are committed to innovative and meaningful applied research.

Our program is located at the CUNY Graduate Center, an internationally recognized center of advanced study, a national model for public doctoral education, and a hub for intellectual and cultural programs.

Meet our diverse students and faculty:

WHY CHOOSE BASP? • Nationally and internationally renowned faculty, including:

  • Curtis Hardin, Steven Young, Hanah Chapman; Justin Storbeck

  • Demis Glasford, Catherine Good, Daryl Wout,

  • Kristin Sommer, Cheryl Carmichael, Claudia Brumbaugh,

  • Margaret Bull Kovera, Elisabeth Brauner, Sarit Golub, Virginia Valian

• Competitive funding packages • Program milestones tailored to C.V. building and skill-based professional development • Applied science opportunities in the heart of New York City

SPECIALIZATIONS Social Cognition, Intergroup Relations, Stereotyping and Prejudice, Close Relationships, Persuasion and Attitude Change, Social Identity, Emotion Judgment and Decision-Making, Health Psychology, Psychology and Law

Learn more at: Application Deadline December 1st

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