Call for Nominees in IARR’s Upcoming Election

Call for Nominees

IARR’s Upcoming Election: Nominations Invited

Please Submit Nominations (including Self-nominations) by April 1, 2017


Each year IARR elects various officers. This year, the IARR Elections Committee seeks nominees (including self-nominees) for the following position:

Member-at-Large (2017-2019)

Please submit nominations (including self-nominations) by April 1 to the Elections Committee chair, Jeff Simpson (

Once nominations have been received, the Elections Committee will identify 2 nominees who will run for this position. Thus, being nominated does not guarantee that one will appear on the ballot: careful consideration, however, will be given to all nominations.

Prior involvement with IARR is desirable, but not required. All nominees will be reviewed by the Elections Committee to ensure candidates are current IARR members.

Thank you for participating in the nomination process.


The IARR Elections Committee

Jeff Simpson, Chair

John Caughlin

Diane Felmlee

John Holmes

Nickola Overall

Jennifer Theiss

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