Ph.D. program in Basic and Applied Social Psychology at the CUNY Graduate Center

Please encourage your students to apply to the Ph.D. program in social psychology at the Graduate Center of City University of New York (CUNY). The Basic and Applied Social Psychology (BASP) program at the CUNY Graduate Center is designed to produce rigorous, competent, and creative researchers who are well-versed in the traditional canon of social psychology, but who can apply this knowledge to engage with innovative questions and pursuits.

The BASP program brings together accomplished social psychology faculty from across the CUNY campuses. Core participating faculty include: E. Brauner, C. Carmichael, H. Chapman, A. DiBello, A. Gantman, and C. Hardin (from Brooklyn College); C. Brumbaugh and J. Storbeck (from Queens College); M. Bull Kovera, D. Glasford, and D. Wout (from John Jay College of Criminal Justice); D. Berke, S. Golub, and V. Valian (from Hunter College); C. Good, J. Park, and K. Sommer (from Baruch College).

More details about the program and faculty interests are available at: http://www.cunybasp.org/. Please post this flyer within your departments: https://tinyurl.com/baspflyer. We will be admitting a small group of highly qualified students. The deadline for Fall applications is December 1st.

Thank you for your assistance, and we look forward to receiving applications from your students!

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