Questions for IARR session on open science

In 2018, IARR’s two journals will be implementing the Open Science Foundation’s Transparency and Openness Level 1 guidelines. That is, the journals will be asking researchers who submit articles to the journals to report on whether their research involved in practices including preregistration of hypotheses and analysis plans (that is, submitters are not required to engage in these practices, only to report on whether or not they did).
At the 2018 IARR conference in Fort Collins, there will be a panel discussion that is meant to help researchers understand the reasoning behind the implementation of these guidelines and what this implementation will mean, practically, for submitters to the journals. We will solicit questions over email before the panel and respond to those and other questions as part of the session.
If you have a question that you'd like to see answered at this session about issues like pre-registration, open data, or the journals' policies, please send them to John Caughlin <>, who will be collecting any questions people have and passing them along to the panel (so that we're not just self-selecting the ones we want to answer...thanks John!). Please let John know if you'd prefer your question be passed along anonymously.

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