Call for Couples Data for Multilab Collaboration

We are seeking collaborators for a large-scale project on predicting relationship outcomes. Our goal is to apply machine learning methods to close relationships data from many different labs, to find out how much variance in relationship quality we are able to predict, and also to uncover the most robust predictors.

Data are eligible for the project if they include:

  • Data collected from individuals in ongoing romantic relationships

  • Both partner's reports (i.e., the data must be dyadic)

  • Relationship satisfaction measured at at least two time points.

  • The first and last time points must be at least two months apart.

If you have a dataset like this, we would love for you and your collaborators to join our authorship team. We will continue to solicit new datasets until October 1.

Please contact Samantha Joel at for more information. You can read more about the project on the Open Science Framework:

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