Announcing publication of Tell Me What You Want: The Science of Sexual Desire and How It Can Help You Improve Your Sex Life by Justin Lehmiller

Announcing publication of Tell Me What You Want: The Science of Sexual Desire and How It Can Help You Improve Your Sex Life by Justin Lehmiller

What do Americans really want when it comes to sex? And is it possible for us to get what we want? Dr. Justin Lehmiller, Kinsey Institute Research Fellow and author of the blog Sex and Psychology, addresses these questions in his latest book. Tell Me What You Want is centered around the largest and most comprehensive survey of sexual fantasies conducted to date in the United States. Dr. Lehmiller spent almost two years surveying more than 4,000 Americans about their sexual fantasies, personalities, sexual histories, and demographics. 

This book offers an unprecedented look into our fantasy worlds and what they reveal about us. It helps readers to better understand their own sexual desires and how to attain them within their relationships, but also to appreciate why the desires of their partners may be so incredibly different. This book is designed to help readers enhance their sex lives and maintain more satisfying relationships by breaking down barriers to discussing sexual fantasies and allowing more of their desires—the ones that are safe and consensual—to become sexual realities.

Tell Me What You Want, published by Da Capo Press, is available now as a hardback, e-book, and audiobook.

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