Love Boot Camp
February 4, 2019
IARR webmaster in research, teaching

Dear colleagues and students, I am pleased to announce that applications may now be submitted for our graduate student summer training workshop on the science of love, funded by the John Templeton Foundation. This two-day workshop will be taught by Harry Reis, Shelly Gable, Barbara Fredrickson, and Sara Algoe. This workshop is part of a broader initiative to rapidly advance scientific dialogue about and understanding of the science of love across disciplines and through collaborative projects that use existing data (see more here). We construe love broadly, to include dispositions, enduring attitudes, momentary states, or enacted behaviors that are simultaneously other-focused, positively-valenced, and self-transcendent.. As such, students who participate in this workshop will be at the forefront of this exciting conversation. Students selected for this workshop will work with one another to engage deeply with theory and methods that provide the foundation for scientific understanding love – whether as a disposition, an enduring attitude, a momentary state, or enacted behavior – thereby setting up opportunities for innovation in this domain. We anticipate that collaborative research will emerge from the working relationships established during the workshop. The workshop will be held in Ottawa, Canada, June 18-19, just prior to the IARR mini-conference on Positive Actions in Relationships (June 20-23). Application details are below; students who are selected to attend will have travel, accommodations, and meals covered for 3 nights (June 17-20). Eligibility:

o Emotion

o Interpersonal relationships of any type, e.g., romantic, friend, co-worker, strangers, family

o Personality

o Behavior

o Measurement

To apply, please use this link to include the following no later than March 1, 2019:

Applications will be reviewed in March and decisions announced by April 1st, 2019. I will be attending SPSP in Portland, Oregon this coming week; if you have any questions about the workshop, I will be attending the opening reception on Thursday February 7th from 5-6pm. Feel free to reach out about connecting there if you have additional questions: Sincerely, Sara Algoe

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