Career Advancement

These resources cover topics such as developing an effective CV and associated materials, creating and maintaining teaching and research portfolios, crafting application letters, navigating the job market, the job talk, post-doctorates, establishing a research program, and tenure.


American Psychological Association Career section

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Inside Higher Ed. Career Advice.

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National Communication Association Career Center Career guides for scientists.

On Twitter: #findaphdjob


Crafting Application Letters, Developing an Effective CV, and Associated Materials

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Inside Higher Ed features a diverse collection of essays and blog posts on how to write a good cover letter.

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Creating and Maintaining Teaching and Research Portfolios

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Navigating the Job Market

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American Anthropological Association. Postdoctorate resources.

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The Job Talk

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Negotiating Salaries, Start-up, Etc.

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Establishing a Research Agenda/Program

Gray, K. & Wegner, D, M. Six guidelines for interesting research.

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Setting up a Lab

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