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Although much relationship research focuses on romantic relationships, relationship research also investigates friendships, family relationships, sexual relationships, and relationships between coworkers. Within the scope of romantic relationships, researchers have addressed numerous kinds of interpersonal associations, including dating relationships, marriages, non-heterosexual relationships, interracial relationships, age-gap relationships, geographically distant relationships, and online relationships.

Relationship research represents a diverse array of topics and theoretical perspectives. Members of IARR conduct research in social psychology, family studies, communication, sociology, developmental psychology, clinical psychology, and a wide range of other disciplines. Topics of research interest include every stage of the relationship process—attraction, development, maintenance, parenting, and breakup—as well as individual processes and dynamics within couples. To get a sense of the range of topics represented by our research, you can browse past conference programs or look at recent issues of Personal Relationships and the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

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