Media for Teaching

The following list includes various resources that may be useful for teaching (compiled by Kelly Campbell, Natalie Hengstebeck, and Cheryl Harasymchuk).

Other resources (compiled by Cheryl Harasymchuk):

Relationally-Oriented TED Talks from IARR Members:

(slides available here:

Other videos:


Beginning of Relationships

  • When Harry Met Sally is my go-to movie for sparking conversations about friendship between men and women in class. I especially love the little clips of the older couples describing how they first met:

  • Before Sunrise has some fantastic scenes illustrating attraction and intimacy growth through self-disclosure.

End of Relationships

  • Blue Valentine provides a great example of relationship dissolution:

  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – the premise of the movie is about a fictional company that removes memories of ex-partners.

  • Take this Waltz provides example of the dissolution of a relationship:


*Note: These movies are not PG and so might not be suitable for all classes.*

Note: The IARR Teaching Committee assembled this list of media resources. If we have omitted a resource you consider relevant to a topic, please email