Hadas Wiseman Eva, Ofra Mayseless, Kim Bartolomew, and Ruth Sharabany


Hadas Wiseman Eva, Ofra Mayseless, Kim Bartolomew, and Ruth Sharabany


During my presidency I set up two task forces to determine how IARR could be more international and more interdisciplinary. First, the bad news. The latter group on multidisciplinarity never amounted to much. But the one on being more international led to the establishment of a permanent committee to ensure international matters (and representation) became an integral part of the organization.

Of course given my background this absolutely delighted me and has in my view been a good thing for the organization.

So, that is the key achievement of my year.

- Frank Fincham


Here is a brief summary of the milestones, events, and achievements during that time period:

1. IARR becomes legally registered in California as a nonprofit organization.

2. We transitioned from July 1 fiscal year to January 1 - December 31.

3. Program Chair term moved to 2 year term. Approved by Board voting.

4. Board voted that new scholars workshop should be organized every 2 years.

    IARR should support and committee to doing this every 2 years.

5. Ad hoc committee formed to reconstruct INPR history. Committee developed

    a brief history for IARR.

6. Separate JSPR website is purchased and developed.

7. Board voted that at IARR conferences, invited speakers would receive small

    honorarium and no registration fee in return for invited presentations.

8. Major website redesigns began. Board approved a major overhaul to iarr


    Need to contact website designers. Started the process of dual goaled website:

    a) for members (and to drive new members to join IARR)

    b) for members of the media community to become familiar with our research

        and organization.

9. Media Relations Committee is put forward as a brand new IARR committee.

    Discussed its goals and mission. Approved. Formed. I volunteered to chair

    the first IARR media relations committee.

10. The board approved an increase to 6 Associated Editors for PR, and a 7th

    AE to be appointed next year.

- Terri Orbuch


Thanks to the work of Chris Agnew, Brooke Feeney, Sue Sprecher and several other dedicated members of IARR, we were able to restructure IARR’s membership categories during my presidency. We did this by adding a reduced paper option – so that members could join at a reduced fee if they opted for on-line subscriptions to JSPR rather than print subscriptions – and by adding a reduced fee membership that includes current students, faculty or practitioners who reside in non-high-income countries, and formerly employed faculty or practitioners. We also instituted gift memberships that faculty can purchase at a reduced fee for their students.

The most striking memory I have of the time I served as president is of the dedication that so many of our members have to the Association. Many of our top scholars are willing to devote their time, effort, and caring to advancing our research, improving our teaching, and making IARR successful. It’s very heartening.

- Anita Vangelisti

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