About IARR

The International Association for Relationship Research (IARR) is an interdisciplinary organization that strives to (a) promote advances in the scientific study of personal and social relationships, and (b) encourage collaboration among students, new scholars and experienced scholars.

IARR resulted from the integration of two prior organizations (the International Society for the Study of Personal Relationships, the International Network on Personal Relationships) and has worked to maintain the high standards set by each organization.

IARR members represent a broad range of disciplines, such as family studies, psychology, communication, sociology, child/lifespan development, gerontology, education, clinical work (e.g., counseling, therapy), philosophy, and anthropology.

As a non-profit organization, IARR encourages cooperation among social scientists worldwide and supports the application of research findings in bettering individuals' relationships.

The organization has members from six of the seven continents, and sponsors two journals (Personal Relationships, Journal of Social and Personal Relationships), a newsletter (Relationship Research News), a book series (Advances in Personal Relationships) and workshops/conferences.

In addition, IARR hosts a biennial conference and annual workshops and specialty conferences. Recent conferences have been held in Canada, Australia, Poland, Israel, and the USA.

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President: Stanley Gaines

President-Elect: Leah Bryant

Past President: Susan Boon

Treasurer: Jessica Eckstein

Secretary: Cheryl Harasymchuk

Board Members

Publications: Pam Lannutti

Member-at-Large (2022-2024): Emre Selcuk

Member-at-Large (2023-2025): Silvia Donato

New Professional Representative: Mathilde Duflos

Committee Chairs

Awards: Erin Basinger

Membership: Pingkan Rumondor

Future Conferences: Katarzyna Adamczyk

Internationalization: Silvia Donato

Mentoring: Kellie Brisini and Lisa Neff

Communications and Media Relations: Sylvia Niehuis

Teaching: Julie Verette Lindenbaum

Elections: Susan Boon

Finance: Jessica Eckstein

Finance Advisor, History Task Force: Dan Perlman

Archives: Luke Russell

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: Jami Eller

CEU Ad Hoc: Michael Cunningham

Website Coordinator: Stuart Jankelovitz, Sanibel Technologies LLC


Journal of Social and Personal Relationships: Melissa Curran

Personal Relationships: Ashley Randall

Relationship Research News: Elaine Scharfe

Advances in Personal Relationships: Terri Orbuch