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Dating in the Digital Age
Liesel Sharabi Ph.D. - How technology is changing the ways we meet and fall in love.
A cooperative site featuring write-ups of relationship research by a number of IARR members.

Relationship Matters podcast series
A podcast featuring discussions with authors of papers in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. Sponsored by Sage Publications.

Sliding vs. Deciding
Dr. Scott Stanley's blog, focusing on relationships-- especially marriage and romantic relationships.

Love by the Numbers
By Dr. Bjarne Holmes.

Dr. Terri Orbuch @ The Huffington Post

Sex Meets Relationships
Dr. Lucia O'Sullivan covers factors relating to intimate exchange, communication and response

Sex and Psychology
Dr. Justin Lehmiller writes about research on sex and relationships from a psychologist's perspective.

The Passion Paradox
By Dr. Amy Muise.

In-Mind Magazine
A publication covering all areas of psychology, with some content focusing on relationship science.

Dating Decisions
By Samantha Joel, M.A.

Adventures in Dating
Dr. Sean Horan's blog - A savvy guide to courtship and communication.

Decide to Commit
Dr. Scott Sibley's blog with his research team – Focus on commitment in couple relationships and romantic relationship formation.

Let’s Talk Relationships
An interactive, research-based radio show and podcast covering a wide array of close relationships topics.

More Than Chemistry
Dr. Kelly Campbell’s blog on Psychology Today addressing intra- and interpersonal topics.

By Kaylyn Kim and Dr. Ximena Arriaga - take an attachment quiz, learn more about attachment orientation, and share your relationship story.

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